Reconnective Healing
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Feedback from clients and friends

Reconnective Healing® doesn’t specifically “treat”  anything. If in its presence you allow yourself to come back into balance, as many people do, then you do. You just do.

The experience for each client on each occasion is unique, and world-wide there are many wonderful stories of astonishing healings with Reconnective Healing, some after just one session.

The following are some of the feedback that my clients have reported to me:
  • Feelings of Joy which persisted for many days after the first session
  • One client reported receiving the clarity needed to make a decision she had been avoiding.
  • Another tuned in to a level of the aura, as becoming aware of a garment he didn't know he was wearing.  

  • Another, a creative writer, experienced rich imagery like a story unfolding. In her case, the story continued to develop during another session weeks later. And this was not just a story, the imagery had deep meaning for her own life.

  • A friend reported a marked improvement in the health of her father following a distance healing session.  

  • A client found she could sit up from the table with more ease, having let go of long held stiffness.  

  • Arriving for a second session, a client amazed and delighted me by reporting "All my pain is gone". 

My personal experience

Feedback from clients and friends
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