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My personal experience

My personal story is not dramatic and happened over a long period of time, with small steps of healing and developing awareness in each of several sessions of Reconnective Healing® before and after my training. But because of this, I can say with confidence that the benefits of Reconnective Healing are both cumulative and permanent.


I can now sense a person's energy field with ease at a level way beyond what I ever experienced before.  My experience and training in other energy therapies left me thinking I was deficient in this regard, so I am delighted to confirm this benefit of Reconnective Healing.   


Suddenly, I find myself as part of a vibrant circle of holistic therapists of a variety of disciplines. In some ways this is the most striking change as my natural introversion inclines me to be a “stay at home” person. Opportunities are now opening up to me and I embrace them easily. 


  • I sprained my right ankle the evening before the Reconnective Healing workshop in 2011.  By lunchtime on the first day of training, all pain was gone without any directed healing to it. This was not my first sprained ankle, so I had expected many days of pain and limping. 

  • In 2014 I decided to work with the Chi Gung "Attention" posture.  Eyes closed, I stood to attention, sensing my feet, hips, shoulders and ears on a level plane.  But when I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror, my chin was tilted up.  After that, I could recognise when my head was level, but felt tightness in the back of my head.  Then I received a Reconnective Healing session. I experienced some discomfort and had to consciously shift on the table to get comfortable.  Next day I practised "Attention", all the tightness in the back of my head was gone.  
  • June 2015 - A "bump" which had been on my instep since I sprained my left foot in 2000 disappeared. My feet had better contact with the floor and I was finally able to stand on my toes in a Tai Chi exercise.


  • August 2016 - Directly after a session I went shopping.  I needed a below-the-knee skirt in black or dark grey.  Lots of mini-mini skirts, and then, just one dark grey midi-skirt and it was in my size!! Beautiful fabric and a great price.
My personal experience

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